Better engine performance

Instant Car Exhaust Cleaner is the first instant car exhaust cleaner that cleans and relieves the car's exhaust system for better
engine performance, increased fuel performance and reduced emissions.

Advanced cleaning agent

Cleaner can help both the fuel injection system and the cylinders to improve overall engine performance. It is also an advanced cleaner that is specially formulated to clean the catalyst without having to remove it.

Engine protection

Proper fuel and exhaust flow keeps the engine cleaner, smoother and better, which also reduces maintenance costs. It can also clean other parts such as oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, cylinder heads and others.

Easy to clean

Deep clean the converter with Cleaner  | Instant Car Exhaust Cleaner! Just pour into the fuel tank. Stop fearing that the "service engine" light will flash on the display and get better engine performance!


Safe for petrol, diesel, hybrid and flex fuel vehicles; does not change the fuel. Do not use in 2-stroke engines or engines with oil and gas mixture.


1 x 120ml Cleaner | Instant Car Exhaust Cleaner

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